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Established in 1978, Vapourblast Service & Supplies meets industries surface preparation and surface finishing requirements, predominantly within the areas of vapour blasting and dry blasting.

We supply new and used dry blasting and wet blasting equipment and provide a preventative maintenance and repair service for our many different types of customer which includes the aerospace, electrical/mechanical, plating and biomedical industries to name just a few.

The V93D Vapour Blasting Cabinet

View of the V93D cabinet from the front/right
  • The world's best priced industrial vapour blasting cabinet

    £3,840 net

    Finance packages available

  • Complete with weir tank for a closed-loop system

  • Cabinet fully resistant to corrosion and chemicals, guaranteed by a 3 year warranty

  • 2 year pump warranty

  • 1 year full failure of parts warranty

More Information

Demonstration of the V93D

Ducati cover caked in baked oil

Ducati cover clean and shiny

Dirty and grimy exhaust

Exhaust blasted clean

Blackened and worn engine sump

Cleaned engine sump now shiny again

Brass pieces before and after blasting

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